01About Us

Deca Trade Network is a private investment program setup by professionals traders and networkers. Our program is intended for people wiling to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do because they’re not financial experts. Deca Trade Network is a long term daily high yield program backed up by forex, gold, cryptocurrency trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from this investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

World's Leading Investment Corporation
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  • Mar 1, 2022 Project Started
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04Pricing Plans

Our lucrative investment plans starting from minimum $10 to maximum $10,000


Grow Your Income with Us

01 Business for All

Each client can on your self define an own investment strategy, becoming the a full partner of the company.

02 Privacy

PCooperation with the company is performs at full confidentiality and guarantees the privacy of the investing details

03 Thoroughness

The cooperation reliability and stability of the got passive profit for all clients of the company in the most long term.

04 Avaliability

Get profit from an online of investments from any point of the world in the conditions of the full cyber security, implemented by our company.

05 Safety

PProtection of all databases is performed on the cloud technologies of information storage basis. The best solutions for reliable operation of all systems.

06 Techno

Using in the developments and management of investments of the advanced and unique technologies is the base for the new horizons of profit.


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06Referral Commissions


Referral 5% - 15%

  • Refer 1 - 3 accounts : 5%
  • Refer 4 - 6 accounts : 7%
  • Refer 7 - 9 account : 10%
  • Refer 10 accounts and above : 15%

Daily Referral Earning 10% - 20%

  • For Deca Silver and Deca Gold
  • 2% every level from level 1 - level 10
  • Deca Silver : 2% every level up to level 5
  • Deca Gold 2% every level up to level 10